Priming for a new tattoo

Tattoo Lightening + Modification + Removal: The ‘reset’ button you’ve been waiting for!

At Lucky 13 Tattoo, we listen to our clients and your appeals for tattoo lightening & removal have been heard and answered. We’ve engaged specialised Laser Tattoo Removal technicians to ensure that the safety and efficacy of your tattoo fade out is platinum standard and that, importantly, you feel reconnected to your sense of limitlessness - ‘disaster piece’ to masterpiece? Lucky 13 Tattoo have got you covered.

With a collective 16 years of Nursing, 10 years of Medical Device clinical education and 2+ years of each Cosmeceutical Skincare, Dermal Clinician and Beauty Therapy experience between them, Angela, Yasmina and Tahleith have a healthy respect for the allure and personal significance of tattooing as well as the reasons you may want yours changed. They use the Spectrum Q Switch ND Yag to deliver medical grade tattoo lightening, modification and removal at Lucky 13 – ensuring minimal lasering with maximum results, and will support you completely along your tattoo removal journey. Our ‘ladies of fade’ have an intrinsic understanding of skin – how it behaves, its functions and its levels of tolerance and this helps them work with all types of ‘canvases’ to help them eliminate tired, unwanted ink..

Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective when undertaken by an expert. As tattoo removal is all our tech’s do, you’ll experience uninterrupted focus on you and your tattoo. Reassuring, yes?

Skin appraisal consultations are available separately and cost $50, which can be redeemed against the cost of your first session. As you’d expect, all secured treatments will receive this service as part of their initial treatment.

As an introductory special, we’re gifting the first 10 clients to call and book in the first of their removal sessions, a 15% reduction on ALL subsequent treatments.*

This represents significant savings across a course of treatments so don’t delay. Call us on   9888 8668 and quote ‘INVISIBLE LUCKY 13’ to take advantage of this never to be repeated introductory offer.

Our mastery. Your liberation. We consider it a privilege.